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Al Mubaraka Perfumes LLC is a family owned business in Dubai, founded in 2001 by visionary chairman Muhammed Hussain with its first perfume wholesale outlet beside Index Hotel in Diera Dubai, UAE. With dedicated growth plan under serving leadership we have grown by expanding our wholesale outlet in Sabka road opposite Queen Hotel and Retail outlet opposite Al Ghurair Mall Dubai. Over the years the company has consolidated trust among its customers and developed strong reputation for delivering the highest quality product at an affordable price . This led to its popularity and demand overseas. We work closely with our distributors globally to ensure continuous delivery of value added products. We have a strong presence and customer base in major regions like Middle East, Russia, India and Africa . Al Mubaraka Perfumes offers numerous renowned luxury perfume brands along with its sought-after custom fragrances services which allows customers to purchase long lasting-high quality fragrance with similar scent to that of branded one at an affordable price.

Our team of skilled in-house experts use excellent technology to provide our clients the highest quality custom fragrances and make use of efficient customer service to meet their demands.We even offer comprehensive range of our own high quality fragrances of authentic Oriental & French perfumes under our labels which are manufactured and imported from France and Switzerland.We strive to foster relationships with our valued customers by providing them with innovative and unique products for every aspect of their lives. Our Fine Fragrances consist in a range of Oil based perfumes with 0% alcohol. Currently we offer around 1200 variants of the pure Concentrated Oils; available in various categories • Musk Collection • Mubaraka Collection• Free From Alcohol Collection EDP’s The range consists of : • Eau de Parfum • Eau de Toilette .The volume of our perfume sprays ranges between 50ML and 100 ML. Currently this range has about 300 variants. We sell canisters for wholesale 100 gms, 250 gms and 1 kg in finest aluminum bottles.We sell retail in 6ml 12 ml 24ml in in fancy perfume bottles.









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