Bronze Wings | Inspired by Kilian Paris Angels’ Share.

Like a spirit perfectly aged in oak barrels, Kilian Paris’s Angels’ Share is so good you can almost drink it. This is the reaction the perfume received once people were privileged enough to smell it. A spicy booze opening with cognac and cinnamon is just the beginning of the addiction. A praline and heavenly vanilla base keeps us yearning for more of this intoxicating fragrance. Angelic Elixir is our inspired expression of this amazing perfume, and our chemists had to work overtime to ensure that our formulation would be done in time for everyone to enjoy it while the original fragrance is still the new kid on the block. We are sure you will fall in love with the praline goodness in the base and the creaminess of tonka bean. Vanilla is unrelenting, and we like it that way! You will also save a pretty penny when you purchase the Mubaraka version, so we are excited for your frugality as well! Whether you’re feeling angelic or just in the mood to smell irresistible, Angelic Elixir is the potion for you!

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